Melamine Powder

Product Name: Melamine Powder

Item No.:TLZ-MM01

Product Features:

Application: Melamine is a widely-used organic chemical product, which is mainly applied as raw materials in the production of melamine-formaldehyde resin. MF resin can be used in decorative veneers, coating, molding powder, paper treating agent, etc. Melamine can also be used as flame retardant, water reducing agent and formaldehyde cleaning agents, etc.


Molecular formula:C3N6H6            Molecular weight:126.12

Specific gravity:1.573                Melting Point(℃): 354

Technical Specification

Premium GradeFirst Class Grade
Appearancewhite powder
purity % ≥99.599.0
Moisture % ≤0.10.2
pH value 7.5-9.5
ash content % ≤0.030.05
甲醛水溶解实验Formaldehyde water dissolution experiment: 色度/Hazcn单位(鉑-钴色号)Chromaticity/Hazcn (Pt-Co)≤浊度/度(高岭土)Turbidity/ (kaolin)≤   20 20   30 30


Quality Standard: GB/T 9567-2016

Packing: 25KG/PP Bag

Natural Barium Sulfate Technical Data:

Melamine Powder

Melamine Powder

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