Sodium Sulphide RED Flakes

Sodium Sulphide (Sodium Sulfide)


CAS No.:1313-82-2

Product Features:
Performance Characteristics:

It is pink, red brown, and wheat and have corrosiveness.


Dye industry: Produce slfur dye,the raw material of sulfur black and fulfur blue.

Printing industry: Dyeing agent if dissoluting sulfur dye.

Leather industry: Make sodium polysrlfide.

Papermaking: Cooking reagent.

Textile: Reduction of artificial fiber denitrating and nitration as well as dye mordant of woven cotton.

Pharmaceutical industry: Produce phenacetin and other febrifuge.

And it is also can use for producing sodium hyposulfite,sodium polysulfide sodium bisulfide and so on.

Natural Barium Sulfate Technical Data:

Index NameSpecification
Sodium Sulphate Red Flakes
Na2S Content 60% min
Water Insoluble Content0.2 max
Fe Content0.03%
Application Areas:
Factory appearance:

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