Coated Sodium Sulfate TLZ-SS02

Synthesis Process of Coated Sodium Sulfate:

This product produced with high purity sodium sulfate coated the surface with special wet processing technology, then spray drying and become special particle size anhydrous sulfate powder

Product Features:
1, The refractive index of the product is 1.484, same as most of the synthetic resin, the optical property is excellent.

2, With special wet processing surface coated, high activation, low oil absorption, good distribution, good affinity with many kinds of resin, make the final product good mechanical property, improve the filling rate, reduce the final cost.

3, High L value could guarantee the final product high glossy and good bright.

4, With special surface processing formula, which avoids the final product freeze-out.

Natural Barium Sulfate Technical Data:

Coated Sodium Sulfate Technical Data

Na2SO4 content ≥%99.0
Particle Size D50 um1.8
325 mesh Residue ≤%0
Whiteness %97
Activation Grade ≥%99
Moisture ≤%0.10
Water Insoluble ≤%0.02
PH Value7.5±1.0
Ca + Mg (as Ca) ≤%0.01
Chloride (as Cl) ≤%0.10
Fe ≤%0.001

Application Areas:

Transparent filler masterbatches

Modified Plastic

Factory appearance:

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