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  • Natural Barium Sulfate TLZ-NBS21

Natural Barium Sulfate TLZ-NBS21

  • Product Features:
  • Narrow and even distribution in size, excellent glossy retention, similar refractive index as organic resins.
  • Low oil absorption, good leveling property.
  • High sluggishness and purity, chemical resistance, excellent salt and weather resistance.

Product Features:

Narrow and even distribution in size, excellent glossy retention, similar refractive index as organic resins.

Low oil absorption, good leveling property.

High sluggishness and purity, chemical resistance, excellent salt and weather resistance.

Natural Barium Sulfate Technical Data

Index &   Standard

Analysis   Result


BaSO4 Content


D50 Particle   size

5-7 μm

Whiteness   (dry)


Specific   Gravity

4.20 g/m3

Oil Absorption

≤7 ml /100 g

PH Value




The Residue   (325 mesh)


Application Areas:

1. Flat and textured powder coating

2. Oil base and water base powder coating

3. Plastic (high gloss PP, ABS, Masterbatch and etc.).

4. Rubber

5. Glue

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