Why is superfine barium sulfate widely used in powder coatings

Why is superfine barium sulfate widely used in powder coatings

Application prospects of ultrafine barium sulfate: 

  1. In terms of plastics, it has good dispersibility, can enhance the hardness and rigidity of plastics, maintain the surface gloss and brightness of plastics, and is especially suitable for high-gloss PP and nylon parts for manufacturing home appliance shells.

  2. In terms of powder coatings, it can enhance the leveling and gloss retention of powder coatings, and has good compatibility with all colorants, which can improve the powder coating to achieve the ideal film thickness in the spraying process and improve the powder coating. It can reduce the consumption of powder coating and is a must-have product for powder coatings. 3. In terms of coatings, using this product with titanium dioxide at the same time can make titanium dioxide more effective in its covering performance and reduce the amount of titanium dioxide. It is especially suitable for automotive paints and high-grade exterior wall coatings. 

  3. Its product feature is that ultra-fine barium sulfate is a coating that completes heat insulation through the high thermal resistance of the coating itself. It is a thick film coating. When the coating is applied, the coating thickness is generally 5-20 mm and 5-20 mm. After fully monotonous curing, the coating has a certain ability to slow down the heat flow transfer due to the small thermal conductivity after the data is monotonically formed into a film. The inorganic industry is used to manufacture other barium salts, such as barium hydroxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride and other materials. When the wood industry produces wood grain printing plates, it is used for priming and making printing coatings. Organic synthesis is used as green materials and lakes to produce body fillers. Its needle-like crystal structure makes it an excellent flattening agent, which can enhance the leveling of the coating, and can be used as a reinforcing agent in the guess of self-cleaning coatings; due to the low oil absorption and high filling amount of barium sulfate, it can reduce the coating It can be used for water-based paints, primers, center paints, oil-based paints, etc. Ultrafine barium sulfate has good whiteness, high content and good hand feeling, especially when used, the effect is remarkable and the cost is low.

Related methods to distinguish the quality of ultrafine barium sulfate

1. Directly check the color of ultrafine barium sulfate, whether it is white, or a little dark, or pure white. The color of ultrafine barium sulfate directly distinguishes the quality and whiteness of the product, which is a very intuitive goal. If samples can be taken, they can be compared with each other. Through visual comparison, it can be seen that the whiteness of products of different brands is different. The higher the whiteness of ultrafine barium sulfate, the better the quality.

2. Fineness. Although this target is not one that directly affects the quality of barium sulfate, it is a decisive factor in the value of barium sulfate manufacturers. Generally speaking, the finer the ultrafine barium sulfate, the more difficult it is to process and the higher the value. From barium barium to nanometer, the market price varies greatly. Nano ultrafine barium sulfate is generally used in some high-end plastic ink coatings and other industries.

The above is the explanation of why the ultrafine barium sulfate powder coating brought by Henan Bafeng can be widely used. Today's explanation ends here. If you want to know more about the introduction, please call for consultation and serve you wholeheartedly.