Barium sulfate has a higher density than lead

Barium sulfate has a higher density than lead

Barium sulfate is chemically stable, insoluble in water, and non-magnetic. Radiation-proof cement, mortar and concrete use barium sulfate to absorb x-rays. The barium sulfate produced by Shenzhen Hanergy Chemical Co., Ltd. is used to make barium cement, barium mortar and barium concrete to replace metal lead plate nuclear reactors and build scientific research, anti-radiation X-ray of buildings.

Precipitated barium sulfate is an important basic chemical raw material. With the expansion of its application range and the increase of market demand, the price trend of precipitated barium sulfate is also changing.

The precipitated barium sulfate is a white amorphous powder. Due to its high refractive index, it has a white color and a certain covering rate. It is almost insoluble in water, ethyl and acid, and soluble in hot sulfuric acid. Easily mixed crystals, calcium carbonate or metal salts. It can be reduced to carbon at high temperature. Naturally impure barium sulfate contains many impurities such as calcium carbonate, which can be distinguished by dilution. The natural component of barite is barium sulfate, and the precipitated barium sulfate is obtained by ion reaction in solution, and the particles are relatively small.

The density of anti-radiation barium sulfate is higher than that of general lead. For example, the anti-radiation barium plate is a plate rolled with gold zirconium lead. The height commonly used in my country is 1-10 mm, and most of them are made of one piece of electrolytic lead. It can be used for anti-bat shooting, anti-corrosion, acid environment, sound insulation and many other aspects. The purity of lead plates produced in my country is 9999%. , How does lead leak in bat shot protection? For the fire source. Batt-proof barium board polypulate and polypulate (CLO4) should be worn or all protective equipment, such as anti-bat, mixed with dry sand. Pour into the water in batches to dilute the waste water system. All protective equipment should be worn on the leaked PBO, four (7) base) boats and P8304. After mixing with dry sand, they will be thrown away in the open field for burial. Soap or detergent to clean.