​The role of barium sulfate in chemical coatings

The role of barium sulfate in chemical coatings

The use of barium sulfate as gasket for titanium dioxide and pigment in plastic can reduce the amount of pigment and save about 10% of the cost.

The application of barium sulfate (about 25%) to PP can make the surface of PP similar to ABS, and does not affect the existing characteristics of PP, providing high gloss and high hardness surface;

Barium sulfate can reach 80% of its weight filling rate, applied to drainage pipes, sound boxes, sound can effectively isolate noise, noise, barium sulfate N applied to curtain can increase weight;

For home appliance shell can provide high gloss, good color, scratch resistance, size stability and other advantages......

Paint and thick slurry coating: barium sulfate high filling can be applied to all painting series, for example, primer, high build coating all types, such as its low specific surface area and particle size of division and easy liquidity, make the low wear resistance, in the manufacturing process of barium sulfate in barium sulfate recommended for primer surface automatically, even when the high fill also keep a good uniformity and smoothness.

Top coat: Barium sulfate is superior to most other fillers, especially in chemical resistant coatings. It is inert, insoluble in water, acid, base and organic medium. Excellent gloss and particle fineness protect the finish from long exposure. Barium sulfate is recommended as a topcoat to increase surface hardness and color stability

Emulsioni paint: because weight reason, barium sulfate can be used at emulsioni paint only, basically use at gao glossiness and silken grain paint, have "acidproof" emulsioni paint say. It even has acid resistance when exposed. The chemical properties of barium sulfate are enhanced by its easy dispersibility, optical rotation and retention. Barium sulfate can be used in high gloss paint and latex paint

Printing inks: low wear, high gloss and color stability, low cohesion, combined with its easy fluidity make barium sulfate suitable for high quality printing inks. Barium sulfate is recommended for high optical rotation inks

Wood products and paints: barium sulfate has the characteristics of low cohesion, low light dispersion and fine particles, especially suitable for pigment topcoat, varnish, spray paint and so on. It has been studied that barium sulfate has chemical resistance and weather resistance

Powder coatings: In powder coatings, barium sulfate can improve gloss, fluidity, fillability and compatibility with various pigments

Adhesives: good rheological properties, high filling and chemical resistance make barium sulfate suitable for adhesives, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane systems.

Elastomer, sealing body: barium sulfate is especially suitable for elastomer, it does not contain any heavy metal pollution or rubber gas, so it is especially suitable for food and drugs, and can provide its stability and anti-aging performance

Thermosetting: Barium sulfate has inertia, color stability, better luster, mechanical properties and low wear when combined with other pigments

Thermoplastics: thermal conductivity and easy fluidity can reduce the injection forming time, barium sulfate can be used as nucleating agent, improve its strength and thermal stability

Pigment: Light reflection can retain the color of the pigment

Paper paint: introduced to increase gloss and fluidity, e.g. in art paper, white transparent coloured paper. The titanium dioxide portion can be replaced by double barium sulfate without loss of gloss