The main function of ultrafine barium sulfate in coating industry?

The main function of ultrafine barium sulfate in coating industry?

In the coating industry, the main functions of ultrafine barium sulfate are as follows:

1, can improve the physical properties of the coating. The coating base material added with ultrafine barium sulfate shows a non-Newtonian viscosity, thus improving the fluidity of the coating, preventing flow resistance, preventing precipitation, and giving the film a good fullness.

2, good dispersion in the coating base material. In the coating base material, under the usual dispersing conditions of pigment, the dispersion is good. Therefore, the coating film formed with the addition of such pigment will not be whitened by light scattering of barium sulfate.

3, fine particle size, narrow particle size distribution. The average particle size of primary particles is in the range of 0.01-0.08 micron, and the particle size distribution is very narrow, the primary particles below 0.1 micron account for 90%, even more than 96 %.

4, disperse in the resin liquid with transparency. Visible light is known to have a wavelength of 380-780 nanometers, and if the particle size is less than 0.19 microns, which is less than half the wavelength of visible light, light can pass through this particle. The average particle size of this ultrafine barium sulfate is 0.01~0.08 micron, and the particle size distribution is very narrow. So essentially, all the particle sizes of this barium sulfate are below half the wavelength of visible light. Therefore, its disposable particles dispersed in the resin liquid, with transparency, even if a large number of use, can also get good transparency of the film.

5, with organic coloring pigments with dispersing additives. Organic pigmented pigment, widely used as a strong pigment in coatings. However, the dispersion of this pigment in the base material is not very good, and then to the light scattering of barium sulfate, and cause the film flooding, so can not get bright color thick film. The ultra-fine barium sulfate is different, not only has transparency and excellent dispersion, but also as an organic pigment dispersant, so its application in paint, compared with the past, can get bright color with gloss thick film.

Ultrafine barium sulfate not only plays a very large role in the coating industry, but also can be used as raw material or filler for paints, inks, plastics, rubber and batteries, surface coating agent for printing paper and copper sheet paper, and sizing agent for textile industry. Also used in ceramics, enamel, spices and pigments and other industries. It is also the raw material for other barium salts.