Application of barium sulfate in coatings

Application of barium sulfate in coatings

There are two kinds of natural and synthetic barium sulfate used as pigment. The natural product is weighing SPAR powder, and the synthetic product is called precipitated barium sulfate.

Barium sulfate is a dense white powder and inert substance with a density of 4.5g/cm3. It is the heaviest in constitution pigments and has stable chemical properties. It is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid, soluble in hot sulfuric acid, alkali and light resistant. The impurity content is less glass luster, cleavage surface is pearl luster. The oil absorption of barite powder is very low (6g/100g). Precipitated barium sulfate has superior color and fine particles.

Barite powder filler is mainly used for industrial primers and automotive intermediate coatings that require high film strength, high filling force and high chemical inertia, as well as for the finish that requires a higher gloss. In latex paint, due to the high refractive index of barite (1.637), fine barite powder has the function of semi-transparent white pigment, can replace part of titanium dioxide in the paint.