Application and characteristics of ultrafine barium sulfate in coatings

Application and characteristics of ultrafine barium sulfate in coatings

Ultrafine barium sulfate is one of the most commonly used filler chemical products in coatings, which can improve the covering power of dry film and play a very big role in the performance of coatings. The following points will be simply understood. The use of coating filler:

A, in the coating skeleton, filling role, increase the thickness of the paint film, make the film plump solid, not easy to deformation;

Two, adjust the rheological properties of paint, such as thickening, anti-precipitation, etc.;

3. Improve the mechanical strength of the paint film, such as improving wear resistance and durability;

Four, adjust the optical properties of the coating, change the appearance of the coating film, such as high-light barium sulfate;

Five, the chemical properties of the film play an auxiliary role, such as enhanced rust, moisture resistance, flame retardant, etc.

The above is to have a general understanding of the application and characteristics of ultrafine barium sulfate, but the current ultrafine barium sulfate products have very high requirements on raw materials, content and whiteness and other indicators are relatively high, so the price is relatively expensive.